Technology Progression

Continuous thin to thick material development

Advanced Steel Technology Progression Advanced Steel Technology Progression

NanoSteel’s mission since the company was formed in 2002 has been to create nano-structured automotive sheet steel which features a combination of high tensile strength and high ductility.

Achieving this breakthrough introduces a new class of steels that leverage conventional steel production processes and existing parts production infrastructure.

From the beginning, NanoSteel’s product development has followed a continuous technology progression from thin to thick material designs.

Early in the company’s existence, the focus was on building a succession of alloys with nano-scale microstructures starting with metallic coatings applied by thermal spray and weld overlay processes.

Following these commercial introductions, the company developed materials with high strength and usable ductility in a nano-structured foil.

It was discovered that NanoSteel's alloys could also be used in powder form, for applications such as shot peening and when consolidated for wear resistant componants, such as bearings. This progression of technology development provided the foundation of discoveries that led to the breakthrough in automotive sheet steel.