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DANIEL J. BRANAGAN, PH.D., CHIEF TECHNICAL OFFICER - "We really are the world’s leader in nano-structured steel development."

VIDEO SERIES TITLE - Redefining Steel® for the Automotive Industry

OPENING TITLE - Nano-Structured Steel - Inspiring New Functionality and Design

DANIEL J. BRANAGAN, PH.D. - "We are looking at launching a whole new class of nano-structured steel called NanoSteel which has very unique combinations of strength and ductility very unique combination of strain hardening capability which allows the material to be highly cold formable."

DAVID PARATORE, PRESIDENT & CEO - "Steel is like most other metals, It has a crystalline structure in it. It’s like a granite counter top. If you look at granite counter top, you can see the crystals. And those crystals in steel, they look the same, they dictate the strength. The smaller those are, the stronger the material. The problem is, the smaller you make them, the more brittle the material gets. So people have always said, ten to the minus six meters microstructure is really the smallest you can get to because anything smaller doesn't have ductility. What NanoSteel has done is actually brought that scale down to the nano-size, nano-scale. It’s called nano-structure. And we've been able to not lower ductility, but actually increase ductility."

DANIEL J. BRANAGAN, PH.D. - "And that allows the designer to use these materials in new ways, and they also can create new functionality and new design."

Closing Title - NanoSteel logo

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