NanoSteel Designs New Alloys to Meet Demand for 3rd Gen AHSS

To achieve 3rd Generation AHSS targets, existing approaches focus primarily on optimizing chemistries and processability of 1st generation AHSS and improving processability and lowering cost of 2nd generation AHSS.  

At NanoSteel, we have taken a different approach to address the existing strength and ductility paradox and achieve the desired properties required for 3rd Generation AHSS. 

 VIDEO: NanoSteel AHSS Strategy 1:22

The company’s steels are differentiated on two fronts: chemistry and structure.



Additive Manufacturing Processes - Powder Bed FusionNanoSteel has designed proprietary chemistries to create a new class of AHSS. This approach utilizes standard raw materials, such as scrap metal, in combination with alloying ingredients used in novel ratios that had not been previously explored. 




Additive Manufacturing Processes - Freeform Direct Laser DepositionThese new chemistries result in steels that feature nanoscale microstructures, or nanostructures, which can handle high loads but still retain the ability to be shaped and formed at room temperature. The key to this new technology is discoveries related to previously unknown metallurgical transformations which result in the formation of a targeted structure called a “Mixed Microconstituent Structure.” It is this unique structure that enables the ability of NanoSteel’s sheet to exhibit 3rd generation AHSS properties.




The following video further explains NanoSteel's unique microstructure

 VIDEO: NanoSteel's NanoStructured Steel 1:20