AHSS Production

Designed for conventional steel mills

NanoSteel’s Advanced High Strength Sheet steels are designed for production in conventional steel mills using existing technology.

All production to date has taken place in mills using electric arc furnace melting, as these plants tend to have greater flexibility.

NanoSteel AHSS contains ferro-alloying ingredients and therefore the presence of an argon oxygen decarburization system (AOD) can optimize production costs, but is not required.

Casting can take place on either thick slab (up to 8” has been tested) or thin slab casting lines.

From there, the material follows a conventional pathway through hot rolling, pickling, cold rolling and annealing. The coating process is currently under development.

How NanoSteel AHSS is Produced in Existing Automotive Sheet Processes

Interested in learning more about NanoSteel's production process?

Read the presentation: Overview of Production Steps and Process Parameters to Product NanoSteel 3rd Generation AHSS

See more about how NanoSteel is designed for existing production equipment in the following video.

Video Icon VIDEO: NanoSteel Bulk Materials Nanotechnology Video 1:45