Wear Plate

Proven to deliver 400% more wear life

NanoSteel Haul Truck Bed Liner NanoSteel Haul Truck Bed Liner

​NanoSteel overlay wear plate is designed to provide exceptional wear performance in extreme industrial service environments.

The NanoSteel overlay is a thinner, lighter and longer lasting wear material which is proven to deliver more than 400% more wear life than thicker 500 Brinell quench and temper (Q&T) wear plate.

A NanoSteel wear plate with a 1/4-inch thick overlay has been in service in the bed of a 240-ton haul truck for more than 50 months at a copper ore mine in the Southwest United States, where a 3/4-inch thick 500 Brinell Q&T plate typically wears out in only 12 months.

NanoSteel’s patented SHS®  9800 alloy is applied as a weld overlay on a steel substrate by an automated submerged arc welding (SAW) process developed by Trimay® Wear Plate Ltd. using technology under license from NanoSteel.

When welded, SHS®  9800 forms a nano-scale microstructure resulting in a uniform hard matrix with maximum hardness and wear resistance consistent throughout the entire SHS®  material layer.

NanoSteel overlay plate can be manufactured to customer provided specifications in sizes up to 10 x 20 feet with an overlay thickness between 1/4 and 2 inches.

Key Performance Characteristics
  • Thinner weld overlay increases payload capacity to increase production
  • Productivity gains can contribute millions to your bottom line
  • Reduces number of plate changeouts over life of the truck
  • Decreases liner net weight by 1/3


This product has been licensed for sale exclusively by Lincoln Electric. For further information about how to purchase and product information including safety data sheets, please contact Weartech.