ID Clad Wear Pipe

Increases service life of material delivery systems

ID Clad Wear Pipe

NanoSteel interior diameter (ID) clad wear pipe is the best option for increasing the wear life of material delivery systems in extreme service environments.

In the mining industry, NanoSteel ID clad wear pipe has replaced a mild steel pipe in a vertical concrete delivery system at a uranium mine in Canada. In wear tests validated by the mine’s engineers, NanoSteel provides an increase in wear life by a factor of 13x over the previous mild steel material and is projected to last the remaining life of the project, saving the mine millions of dollars by eliminating several cycles of replacement part and installation costs.

NanoSteel ID clad straight pipe is available up to 21.5 feet in length and is fitted with flange or threaded connecting joints for quick and easy installation. Bends and elbows are available in various sizes.

NanoSteel’s patented SHS®  9800 alloy is applied as a continuous spiral weld overlay to the ID of carbon steel pipe by a process developed by Trimay® Wear Plate Ltd. using technology under license from NanoSteel. When welded, SHS®  9800 forms a nano-scale microstructure resulting in a uniform hard matrix with maximum hardness and wear resistance consistent throughout the entire overlay.

Bead orientation is perpendicular to material flow for even wear resistance.

A consistent 15% dilution rate is maintained during welding, allowing a continuous bead to be applied evenly on the ID throughout the entire length of straight pipe, transitions, bends and elbows, resulting in

  • Minimal elongation – Less than 1%
  • Minimal shrinkage – Under 1% on the ID
  • Strong cohesion between the ID overlay and substrate
  • Easy on-site pipe alignment and installation


This product has been licensed for sale exclusively by Lincoln Electric. For further information about how to purchase and product information including safety data sheets, please contact Weartech.