Guardian® HB Hardbanding

The first engineered tool joint hardband

When introduced in 2005, Guardian® HB was an instant industry leader as the first engineered tool joint hardband to deliver a combination of low casing wear and high radial wear resistance on drill pipe tool joints.

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Guardian® HB utilizes NanoSteel’s patented technology and features a nano-scale microstructure that provides high hardness and toughness properties resulting in the exceptional casing-friendly wear performance.

More than 1,000 miles of drill pipe hardbanded with Guardian® HB have been put into service worldwide with exceptional results.

Guardian® HB’s unique performance characteristics provide high lifetime performance and low lifetime performance to cost ratio based on protection delivered.

  • Low casing wear
  • Exceptional tool joint protection
  • Superior spalling resistance
  • Easily reapplied

Guardian® HB easily handles severe wear environments, making it the ideal choice of oil companies and drill pipe owners for a complete range of applications.

  • Deepwater
  • Horizontal
  • Extended reach
  • Abrasive Hard Rock


This product has been licensed for sale exclusively by Lincoln Electric. For further information about how to purchase and product information including safety data sheets, please contact Weartech.