Metallic Coatings

Increased durability reduces costs and maximizes output

NanoSteel’s Super Hard Steel® (SHS® ) alloys for applications as weld overlays and thermal spray coatings are the company’s first generation of nano-structured, high-strength steel materials.

For more than 10 years, NanoSteel’s surface technology alloys have been combining the hardness of carbides with the toughness of steel to increase the wear life of critical industrial components operating in extreme service environments.

In July 2014, NanoSteel granted Lincoln Electric the exclusive global manufacturing and distribution rights for these products. For more information please see the Lincoln Electric hardfacing consumables website.

SHS® Weld Overlay Alloys

Weld Overlay

SHS® weld overlay alloys have set new standards for increasing wear life in the mining and oil & gas industries

SHS® Thermal Spray Alloys

Thermal Spray

SHS®  thermal spray alloys are the material of choice for providing corrosion and erosion resistance in power generation, cement and concrete industries