Binder Jet - Wear Resistant Powders

BLDRmetal Powders Provide Next Level Combinations of Wear and Impact Resistance for Binder Jet AM

Custom 3D Printed Tools for Avionics Custom 3D Printed Tools for Avionics

BLDRmetal™ J-10 and J-11 are designed for building highly wear resistant industrial components using binder jet additive manufacturing.

Binder Jetting is an additive manufacturing powder bed process, where a binder is used to selectively “print” the desired part shape by adhesively joining the metal particles. After the jetting process, the green part is sintered and an infiltrant, bronze, is melted and drawn into the part to create a dense component. 

Parts made with bronze infiltrated BLDRmetal™ J-10 have 3x the wear resistance and nearly 3x the impact toughness of a bronze infiltrated 420 stainless steel component made using the same method. If even higher wear resistance is required, BLDRmetal™ J-11 can be selected to deliver 10x the wear of a bronze infiltrated 420SS component. Some applications benefit from properties that are between J-10 & J-11, by tailoring the proportions of two powders the final product can be designed to meet a variety of specifications.

Industrial applications for these wear powders include molds, dies, tools and drilling and pump components. 

 VIDEO: Introducing BLDRmetal Powders for Binder Jet 3D Printing 1:10

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BLDRmetal™ SEM


Wear Comparison
Fine structures in BLDRmetal™ J-10 powder enable high performance properties in the bronze infiltrated product


Powder Properties


Wear Comparison


Bronze Powder Properties


Gradient Material


Part Properties


Gradient Material
Comparison with 420 Stainless Steel
Gradient Material


Blended Part Properties


Gradient Material
Custom Blends of J-10/J-11
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