NanoSteel Overlay Provides 400%+ More Life

  • November 15, 2012

  • NanoSteel overlay plate provides 400%+ performance improvement over 500 Brinell Q&T plate​

    NanoSteel’s 1/4-inch weld overlay outlasts four consecutive 3/4-inch quench & temper plate installations providing superior wear resistance

    PROVIDENCE, R.I. (Thursday, November 15, 2012) - The NanoSteel Company, a leader in nano-structured steel materials design, recently concluded a 52-month mining field trial of an overlay wear plate application which resulted in increased service life of more than 400% reducing operating costs and improving productivity.

    At a copper ore mine in the Southwest United States, NanoSteel’s 1/4-inch weld overlay (a 3/4-inch total plate thickness) was installed at the highest wear zone rear section of a 240-ton haul truck bed next to a 3/4-inch 500 Brinell quench & temper (Q&T) wear plate. This section of the truck bed receives the most severe sliding abrasion during unload. At the end of a four year-plus trial and after hauling 13.7 million tons of ore, the NanoSteel overlay outlasted four Q&T plates.

    “For more than four years, a 1/4-inch thick NanoSteel overlay outperformed a combined three inches of 500 Brinell quench & temper material,” said David Paratore, president and CEO. “These exceptional results demonstrate our ability to deliver dramatically improved wear performance which far exceed the capabilities of existing conventional materials.”

    NanoSteel’s nano-structured weld overlay alloy material forms a microstructure which provides high hardness (67-71 HRc) and strength properties resulting in very high wear resistance.

    NanoSteel overlay wear plate reduces replacement costs by eliminating multiple change-out cycles and allowing the truck to remain in service longer. These results, when implemented fleet-wide, can drive combined annual cost savings and productivity gains.

    About NanoSteel

    NanoSteel is the world leader in proprietary nano-structured steel material designs. Over its ten-year history, NanoSteel has created progressive generations of iron-based alloys from surface coatings to monolithic steel. For the oil & gas, mining and power industries, NanoSteel has successfully introduced commercial applications of metallic coatings to prolong service lifetime in the most extreme industrial environments. For the automotive industry, NanoSteel has achieved a significant breakthrough in the development of nano-structured sheet steel with exceptional strength and ductility. NanoSteel is a privately held company funded by lead shareholders EnerTech and Fairhaven Capital. For more information, visit or follow us on Twitter @NanoSteelCo.