NanoSteel Introduces Steel Redefined Featuring Automotive Icon Bob Lutz

  • October 2, 2017

  • Today, NanoSteel introduced a new campaign called “Steel Redefined”, a video series starring automotive icon Bob Lutz. The videos illustrate the importance of materials in enabling the automotive industry to adapt to increasing fuel economy requirements while preserving the essence of what we love about driving. Through his leadership roles with top automotive brands such as GM, Ford, Chrysler, and BMW, Bob Lutz is widely regarded as a global visionary in the area of automotive design with an emphasis on improving the customer experience.  

    The “Steel Redefined” campaign highlights the role of advanced materials, like NanoSteel’s new sheet steels, in the industry’s efforts to build lighter vehicles with lower emissions that are still affordable, safe and fun to drive. In collaboration with joint development partner AK Steel, NanoSteel has delivered its first product, NXG™1200, to 10+ automotive OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers for validation testing. This material offers groundbreaking combinations of strength and ductility and is designed to be produced on conventional steelmaking equipment and manufactured into automotive parts using existing infrastructure without significant capital investment or employee retraining. 

    “While aluminum, carbon fiber, magnesium and other specialty materials will have their place in automotive manufacturing over time, steel remains the least disruptive and most historically trusted material of body design engineers across the industry,” said Bob Lutz. “So if you can get top lightweighting properties out of a steel, such as those offered by NanoSteel, without compromising other core deliverables in the vehicle, utilizing steel will always be preferable to automakers.” In addition to his featured role in this campaign, Mr. Lutz has been a NanoSteel board member since 2012.

     “Automotive engineers have been some of the most demanding customers for the steel industry, spurring innovation and opening new opportunities for growth,” said David Paratore, president, and CEO of NanoSteel.  “As a leader in the automotive industry for decades, Bob Lutz has an unwavering passion for design that has produced some of the most innovative vehicles on the road today and we are honored to have him both as a board member and advisor.”

    NanoSteel’s “Redefined” video series are accessible at  

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