NanoSteel for AM: Uniform Metal Matrix Microstructure

  • September 23, 2014

  • Video Transcript

    OPENING TITLE - NanoSteel for Additive Manufacturing: Breakthrough in uniform metal matrix composites

    HARALD LEMKE, VICE PRESIDENT, GENERAL MANAGER - ENGINEERED POWDERS - "Additive manufacturing would allow you to produce any part, any time, anywhere, at the time you really need it. NanoSteel’s materials are unique because we have a very different chemical composition than most steels do. However, this particular chemical composition allows us to make a metal matrix composite directly out of the steel, without any additional processes."

    "A metal matrix composite is a material that is comprised of two different phases, and most of the time, in the applications we are talking about, it is a more ductile soft phase that is embedding a hard phase. The uniqueness is that the nanostructure performs without any additional effort just through the production process itself, so you don’t need any post processing and it forms very uniformly in all directions."

    "It is difficult to additive manufacture hard materials because these materials tend to crack once treated with the laser. In our case, however, due to our unique microstructure we can avoid this very difficult to overcome manufacturing problem."

    "What is next for NanoSteel in additive manufacturing is that we want to team up with selective lead customers to bring these products to the market. In particular, we want to build more complex parts, impellers or other wear parts, as well as, we want to broaden the variety of materials that we can additive manufacture."

    Closing Title - NanoSteel logo