NanoSteel for AM: Demonstration of a Wear Resistant Part

  • September 23, 2014

  • Video Transcript

    OPENING TITLE - NanoSteel for Additive Manufacturing: Demonstration of a wear resistant part

    HARALD LEMKE, VICE PRESIDENT, GENERAL MANAGER - ENGINEERED POWDERS - "The benefit to making hard, wear resistant parts via additive manufacturing is that you can make highly complex parts very rapidly and you can now really gear the respective form of the part to the requirements of the applications. The reason why some customers are excited about being able to use NanoSteels to additive manufacture wear resistant parts is that it’s very difficult to additive manufacture parts from other wear resistant materials, such as tungsten carbide, ceramics or even very wear resistant other tool steels."

    "So far, we have proven that we can make very hard materials. We have hardnesses in excess of 1000 Vickers. We can make wear coupons that have a wear resistance equivalent to an M2 tool steel. The parts that we made were very dense. We achieved, after some optimization, part densities above 99.9%. That is more dense than most castings."

    "One of the additional benefits of NanoSteel powders are that you can achieve high hardness, high wear resistance and high densities without additional heat treatment or any other post processing."

    "NanoSteel materials could be used for a variety of wear resistant applications, for example, bearings could benefit from the ability to be manufactured on site, as well as cutting tools. Also, just think about a customer who is remote in the field and he would be able to additive manufacture his spare parts for pumps or downhole tool equipment."

    "The next step for NanoSteel would be to build more complex parts and look at applications where we have part consolidation benefits or where we are even able to additive manufacture multiple materials or gradient materials."

    Closing Title - NanoSteel logo