NanoSteel Introduces ‘More for the Ride’

  • December 2, 2014

  • Watch a new video explaining NanoSteel's impact in the Automotive Industry.

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    Video Transcript

    OPENING TITLE - More for the Ride 

    "No one wants to spend more on gas than they absolutely have to. We would rather spend money on fun things like a new tv or tickets to the game." 

    "Getting there will require new technology like more efficient engines better aerodynamics, less rolling friction."

    "But this won’t be enough, car makers also need to take weight out of a car, a lighter car simply takes less energy to move around, to do this car makers are looking at materials like carbon fiber and aluminum the problem is they are expensive and difficult to repair so they are usually used in luxury vehicles."

    "So what can be done to put regular cars on a diet in an affordable way without sacrificing safety or that feeling you get when you’re driving that well designed machine." 

    "It’s a bit surprising, but steel could be the answer. The solution is just to use less of it."

    "That is what NanoSteel is for."

    "NanoSteels have two major features, they are very strong to allow for parts to be made thinner, they are also extremely formable, so that the new lighter parts can be designed to be just as stiff as the old heavy parts."

    "How do we do this? Well, Nanosteels are different than normal steels, they are made out of nano sized grains instead of the typical steel microstructure. We get this to happen by altering the steel recipe. For cars, Nanosteel sheet is made in a steel mill by melting the proper mix of ingredients in the furnace, the melt is continuously cast into slabs and rolled down into the final dimension. By the time the coil leaves the plant it has the strength and formability properties, automakers need to design revolutionary lighter car parts."

    "Car makers will then put NanoSteels into their stamping presses to form complex shapes like b pillars or roof rails. By using existing stamping presses they don’t need to invest in new equipment, keeping down the cost of production and car prices." 

    "By using NanoSteel sheet, when these cars roll off the production line they will be lighter and use less gas, while still being  as strong, safe, and fun to drive." 

    "Giving you both peace of mind and more money for the ride."

    Closing Title - NanoSteel logo