Case-Hardened Industrial Die

3D Printed Tool Steel: BLDRmetal L-40

Industrial Die: Final Product Industrial Die: Final Product

Perfect Lock Bolt America, Inc. has designed new structural bolts with an intricate dual-thread design that resists self-loosening under vibration. In order to cost effectively produce these high-tech bolts, the process for making the dies used to forge the threads had to be completely revised. Machined D2 or M2 tool steel was unsuccessful in manufacturing, so the team recognized the need to look at additive manufacturing as an alternate solution.

Perfect Lock Bolt partnered with NanoSteel from the conception of the problem through to the final solution. NanoSteel’s BLRDmetal™ L-40 steel powder was proven to demonstrate the needed performance in hardness and durability. In cooperation with production partner CFK GmbH, NanoSteel optimized the printing process, and then selected the downstream post-production process steps.

The result?  “The NanoSteel solution delivers exactly what we are looking for, including excellent surface finish, flexibility, as well as strength and hardness for maximum die life. This is a welcomed technological innovation to the fastener industry.”  said Mark Doll, President and CEO of Perfect Lock Bolt America Inc.

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