Tooling can benefit from the fast turn-around times and unique geometric profiles possible with 3D printing. NanoSteel has created new steels for use in both the powder bed fusion and binder jet processes which are currently available. We also continue to develop and commercialize new custom alloys in conjunction with our customers to solve specific project goals.

Powder Bed Fusion or selective laser melting has the advantage of creating fully dense components in one step. The challenge has been that the materials available for laser powder bed fusion, such as M300 and 17-4PH, are not hard enough for many tooling applications. NanoSteel’s stainless steel alloys feature both high hardness (~70 HRC) and ductility combined with the ability to print on common metal laser 3D printing machines. Now, easy-to-print hard metals are within reach. One of the first applications using this material is the direct printing of complex cold forging dies.

Binder Jet 3D printing offers fast production speeds and low cost. The composite parts created through the binder jet process enable a combination of wear, toughness and corrosion resistance for a highly durable component. Early applications of BLDRmetal wear alloys include hand tools.