New Class of Steel Increases Component Life

NanoSteel is designed for extreme wear environments

Suited for a wide range of applications Suited for a wide range of applications

NanoSteel’s patented alloys define a new class of steel which features a nano-scale structure resulting in improved mechanical and physical properties and superior performance over conventional materials

In oil & gas, NanoSteel has successfully introduced alloys for surface technologies and near net shape parts which feature higher strength-to-weight ratios and exceptional wear and corrosion resistance.

NanoSteel alloys are well suited for a wide range of applications throughout the oil & gas value chain - from exploration and drilling to production, transmission and refining.

In July 2014, NanoSteel granted an exclusive worldwide license of its metallic coatings portfolio to Lincoln Electric


In China and the Americas, NanoSteel’s Guardian® CF hardbanding has demonstrated a 300% lifetime improvement over competing casing-friendly materials

 NanoSteel’s Guardian® CF Hardbanding

Flow Control

Near net shape parts and metal cladding for valves, pumps, pipes, elbows and tees resist erosion and corrosion, and last longer

Pipe Using NanoSteel's Advanced High Strength Steel
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