Trommel Screen Liner Increased Life by 150%

30 month overall lifetime will eliminate two full maintenance cycles per installation

Problem: Severe Abrasion in Trommel Screen

A heavy metals mine in the Colorado Rockies was using 500 BHN steel plate in a trommel screen application where ore is sorted by size after exiting the ball mill. Given the application's direct impact on core process flow and mine economics, the mine was looking for a solution that would increase wear resistance and lifetime of the screen.


Solution: NanoSteel Weld Overlay Liner

The NanoSteel liners were installed side by side against the 500 BHN to compare wear characteristics and longevity for this processing equipment application.


Results: NanoSteel Weld Overlay Liners provide superior wear resistance

At a 10 month inspection, measurements show that the company's liner is outlasting the wear performance of the 500 BHN by 2.5x (or 25 months vs. 10 months). Based on these results, NanoSteel’s liners were put back into service while the 500 BHN liners were replaced after a standard 10 month cycle. The company also estimates that optimizing the hole layout to match the wear pattern would allow for another 5 months of service resulting in a 20 month or 3x improvement over the standard liners. With this 30 month overall lifetime, the NanoSteel solution will eliminate two full maintenance cycles per installation.

150% Life Increase Over 500 BHN

For a demanding range of applications such as trommel screens (pictured here), transfer chutes, and ID clad pipe, NanoSteel coatings demonstrate exceptional reliability in wear performance enabling an expanded range of engineered solutions

NanoSteel Coatings in Trommel Screens

The trommel is positioned on the exit or outlet side of the ball mill. Oversize material is sent back for another pass through the grinding mill and the passing material continues on to the next stage in processing

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