Longer life from stronger, thinner and lighter materials

NanoSteel increases durability in extreme environments NanoSteel increases durability in extreme environments

NanoSteel’s nano-structured steel alloys provide superior wear performance for increasing the durability of ground engaging tools, haulage equipment and material conveying systems operating in extreme mining environments.

NanoSteel alloys for wear plate, wear pipe and hardfacing applications are proven to provide up to 400% longer wear life using a stronger, thinner and lighter weld overlay material. This extends service life, results in fewer maintenance cycles, increases production and provides a better price/performance ratio than conventional chrome carbide and tungsten carbide overlays or quench and temper steels.

NanoSteel alloys are in use in surface and underground mining operations, including copper ore, gold, coal, uranium, diamond and oil sands.

NanoSteel alloys for overlay hardfacing applications are available in conventional cored wire, atomized powder and stick electrode feedstock. Wear plate and wear pipe products are available in standard sizes and overlay thicknesses, and can be fabricated to customer provided specifications.

In July 2014, NanoSteel granted an exclusive worldwide license of its metallic coatings portfolio to Lincoln Electric.