Many types of ground vehicles, from trucks to agricultural and mining equipment, can benefit from lightweighting to improve productivity.

Commercial Vehicles

In trucking, the maximum weight capacity set by federal and local authorities is often a limiting factor in designing efficient delivery systems. Lightweighting of cab and chassis components means more or heavier cargo can be moved in each trip, improving productivity. In addition, the amount of fuel used per ton mile decreases. Lightweighting can be good business. 

Agricultural Vehicles 

Farmers are always trying to squeeze additional output from their equipment, increasing size and features. This desire is tempered by the need to avoid increasing vehicle weight so much that it crushes seeds or compacts the soil. Weight is therefore a core concern among vehicle designers. New AHSS can enable increased productivity while keeping vehicles affordable and light on ground.

Construction and Mining Equipment

Similar to agricultural equipment, construction and mining equipment is continuously being pushed to be more productive. While the weight of the vehicle may not be a primary concern, increases in lifting capacity, fuel efficiency and lifetime durability are all important characteristics. New steels can enable improvements in all of these characteristics. 

New applications for lightweighting appear constantly. If you think that your application could benefit from NanoSteel AHSS, please contact us.