Wear resistant coatings provide longer component life

Exceptional wear life reduces maintenance costs Exceptional wear life reduces maintenance costs

NanoSteel’s nano-structured steel alloys provide exceptional wear resistance for reducing maintenance costs and extending the service life of concrete mixer truck parts.

In states with laws restricting truck weight, composite drums are used to reduce the weight of mixer trucks. However, composite drum walls are prone to leaks from cracking and punctures, often requiring replacement after only a few months in service. A better alternative to composites is a thin-wall steel drum coated on the inside with a thin wear-resistant NanoSteel alloy. This solution offers the same weight advantage as a composite drum with longer service life.

Aluminum mixer truck chutes are considerably lighter than conventional steel chutes and offer valuable safety benefits to drivers by reducing ergonomic injury risk. However, aluminum chutes wear out faster than heavier steel chutes and require frequent replacement. An aluminum mixer truck chute coated with a thin wear-resistant NanoSteel alloy can be recoated without any loss to the original chute thickness and dramatically increase life span.

NanoSteel alloys for thermal spray coating applications are available in conventional cored wire and atomized powder feedstock for easy use with standard equipment on-site or in the shop.

In July 2014, NanoSteel granted an exclusive worldwide license of its metallic coatings portfolio to Lincoln Electric. 

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