Rotary Vane Feeder Life Increased by 200%

NanoSteel Coating and Overlay Wear Plate resist sliding abrasion, fine particle erosion and corrosion

Problem: Abrasion, Erosion, and Corrosion

Rotary vane feeders in cement plants deliver material in process to the next station. Components inside rotary vane feeders operate in a high temperature environment and wear quickly from exposure to sliding abrasion, fine particle erosion and corrosion.  

Vane pockets on a rotating drum inside the rotary vane feeder are fabricated from unprotected steel and not sufficiently resistant to sliding abrasion, fine particle erosion and corrosion. During service, surface material loss on the vane pockets from wear and corrosion is severe and the drum requires replacement after 6 months.


    Solution: NanoSteel Overlay Plate and Thermal Spray Coating

    To extend the life of rotary vane feeder drums at a cement plant in South America, NanoSteel SHS 9192 wear plate, 0.748 in (19 mm) thickness, is installed in the center of each vane pocket for abrasion and impact resistance. A NanoSteel SHS 7170 TWAS coating, 0.039 in (1 mm) thickness, is applied to the wear plate and remaining drum surface for wear and corrosion resistance.


      Result: NanoSteel Extends Component Life by More than 200%

      After 6 months of service, the unprotected drum suffered significant wear and corrosion damage and required replacement. An inspection after 12 months, the drum protected by NanoSteel showed minimal material loss from surface wear to be 0.059 in (1.5 mm) and no corrosion damage.

      Unprotected Drum After 6 Months

      Vane pockets are damaged by wear and corrosion after six months of service, and the drum must be replaced

      Unprotected Cement Drum

      NanoSteel Protected Drum at Installation

      NanoSteel thermal spray coating and weld overlay wear plate provide wear and corrosion resistance

      NanoSteel Protected Rotary Vane Feeder Drum

      NanoSteel Doubles Drum Service Life

      NanoSteel protected vane pockets show minimal wear and no corrosion damage after 12 months of service

      Minimal Wear and Corrosion on NanoSteel Protected Drum
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