Increases critical component life by up to 300%

NanoSteel increases component life in cement plants NanoSteel increases component life in cement plants

NanoSteel’s nano-structured steel alloys have been engineered to deliver superior wear and corrosion performance in elevated temperature environments and increase the service life of critical components in cement plants.

In South America, cement plant operators looking to reduce maintenance costs turned to NanoSteel for extending the service life of existing vertical mill components and deferring purchases of expensive replacement parts.

NanoSteel weld overlay wear plate is strategically installed on components in areas of highest wear, and the entire component surface is then sprayed with a corrosion-resistant NanoSteel thermal spray coating. This NanoSteel wear plate/coating combination has tripled the life of fan blades on centrifugal blower units and doubled the life of drum pockets on rotary vane feeder units.

Wear plate and wear pipe products are available in standard sizes and overlay thicknesses or can be fabricated to customer provided specifications.

NanoSteel alloys for thermal spray coating applications are available in conventional cored wire and atomized powder feedstock for easy use with standard equipment on-site or in the shop.

In July 2014, NanoSteel granted an exclusive worldwide license of its metallic coatings portfolio to Lincoln Electric.