VIDEO: Increasing Formability with NanoSteel


Video Transcript

DAVID PARATORE, PRESIDENT & CEO - "Steel has been able to achieve high strength. But the issue is that it can’t achieve ductility with that high strength, the ability to form the parts."

VIDEO SERIES TITLE - Redefining Steel® for the Automotive Industry
OPENING TITLE - Increasing Formability with High Strength and Highly Ductile Steel

DAVID PARATORE - "Steel has done a fabulous job over the last 100 years of continuing to evolve so that you can use less steel and maintain safety and therefore make it lighter. The problem is that as steel has continued to evolve, it’s reaching a limit. And that limit is the ability to form these really strong steels. So the challenge that steel has had for the last call it five years is we can make high strength but we can’t make high strength and easily formable material. And that is giving things like aluminum or carbon fiber a large opportunity to come into the automotive space and say ‘Hey, we can do that and make your cars lighter at the same time.’ "

DANIEL J. BRANAGAN, PH.D., CHIEF TECHNICAL OFFICER - "In many cases, these new high strength materials have very limited ductility, they are very difficult to form, they are very difficult to handle and process."

DAVID PARATORE - "So what NanoSteel does, is actually give you the chance to increase that formability and therefore use that high strength and highly ductile material called NanoSteel and subsequently keep steel in the game."

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