Thermal Spray Cored Wire

Twin Wire Arc Spraying (TWAS)

For high temperature use For high temperature use

NanoSteel’s Super Hard Steel® (SHS® ) thermal spray cored wires are patented steel alloys designed specifically for twin wire arc spraying (TWAS) applications and to provide high abrasion, corrosion and erosion resistance.

When applied by the TWAS process, SHS®  cored wires form a metallic coating with a nano-scale microstructure which provides a unique combination of high hardness and toughness properties resulting in superior wear performance unmatched by conventional materials.

The nano-scale microstructures result in very high mechanical bond strength across a range of substrate materials including steel, aluminum and copper. This makes NanoSteel’s thermal spray cored wires more versatile than conventional materials for coating applications in extreme high temperature service environments, such as boiler tubes in power plants and vertical mill components in cement plants.

SHS®  thermal spray cored wires are available as conventional feedstock in standard wire diameters and packaged in spools or in bulk. The material chemistries have been optimized to provide a wide application window for easy use with standard equipment on-site or in the shop.

This product has been licensed for sale exclusively by Lincoln Electric. For further information about how to purchase and product information including safety data sheets, please contact Weartech.