Lightweight steel for better fuel efficiency

Increase Fuel Economy

High strength advanced steel

Use Thinner Gauges of Steel
to Reduce Weight

Weight saving steel

NanoSteel AHSS Enables Significant Weight Savings

Nano-Structured steel

Delivered Through Nano-Structured Material Properties

Nano-Structured steel for light-weight future cars

NanoSteel commissioned EDAG to assess the potential of its nano-structured steel to light-weight future vehicle models and meet higher MPG requirements

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Strong and lightweight steel

The study assessed the ability to achieve weight savings while maintaining safety and ride quality requirements.

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lightweight steel

NanoSteel generated a 30% weight savings compared to the baseline vehicle design and a 10.5% percent savings over a vehicle optimized with existing AHSS.

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NanoSteel Company, Inc

NanoSteel’s performance is generated through proprietary micro-structures at the nanoscale.

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